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MIRFC Moves!

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

Cathy McKee

Player and Past MIRFC President

For the last month, rugby players across Quebec have been tying up their running shoes and getting out to pound the pavement in an interclub running/walking competition. 22 clubs across the province are challenging each other to rack up the most kilometers in a friendly competition with the aim of encouraging everyone to get out and move during lockdown; and it’s not just the players’ kilometers that count - partners, friends, family and supporters are all invited to join.

After one week, MIRFC sat in 8th, but we leapt to 1st after a momentous effort and the addition of new members. Week 3 saw us drop to 3rd place – in week 4, will a last minute push get us back up to the top? So far, we have seen the women come out in force and atop the leaderboard for the club - can the men up their distances and get into the top 3?

It is great to see our Montreal Irish family push themselves, but it has been particularly fun to see the contributions from those participating from afar. We currently have former players and supporters striding out for the club in Ireland, Costa Rica and California! The challenge is set to continue for as long as we are in lockdown, so it is not too late to join!


To log your runs

You will need to track your activity, either with a wearable fitness device or the strava app downloaded on your phone.

To join the challenge:

  1. Download the Strava app or visit and create your profile

  2. Join the Montreal Irish running club

  3. On the web, click on this link:

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