About the Irish 

In September, 1957, the Montreal Irish played their very first match and by the following season, were already dominating the provincial league. Less than a decade later, membership had grown enough to field two senior men's teams and, by 1969, the Club invested in their own clubhouse and fields in Ste-Julie. That same year, the Club took home both the Senior Cup and Provincial League title, and also supplied Quebec's provincial team with six of the seven players who formed the back line. 

In the Summer of 1975, the female partners and friends of the Irish players challenged them to a fun game of rugby. At the time, very few women had attempted the sport. Though based in fun, the women showed proficiency for the game and the men began coaching what is rumored to be the first organized women's rugby team in Canada!

The Montreal Irish RFC today is a thriving club with cup-winning senior men's teams in the top two divisions of the Provincial League, a flourishing senior women's team, a popular and well-regarded youth development program for children aged 3 to 18 across Montreal's South West and South Shore, and an active alumni. Our players and volunteers are still very much involved in growing the rugby community, whether it be by representing the Club at the provincial and national levels, or by acting as coaches and referees locally. 

Meet the Board!

The Montreal Irish RFC is a not-for-profit organization that survives through the passion and dedication of its volunteers and through the invaluable generosity of our local sponsors