What’s Happening @ MIRFC 2018 January

Welcome Back Everyone!

The MIRFC is starting 2018 with a bunch of stuff to announce.

Us volunteers at the MIRFC board have never stopped working over the holidays in order to prep the upcoming season and we have a lot of announcements to kick off the year.

Indoor Training begins Feb 10

For the men, indoor rugby skills and handling practices will begin Feb 10.  Listening to player feedback we wanted to incorporate a turf field, increased attendance, more involvement with the all teams and combine social activities.

As such indoor trainings for the men will be intense bi-monthly and mostly take place at the Stinger Dome. The women’s training schedule is still being worked out.  The junior teams will also be invited on select trainings.  A small monetary contribution will be required to help with installations rental.

Strength and Condition session is still available, latecomers will benefit with reduced session registration costs.

For the full upcoming training schedule and S&C refer to the MIRFC calendar and Indoor Training page for all pertinent info.

Social team

We are committed to have 3 mens grades this year.
Ian Sorg, Bob Meunier, and Dave Crandall have been reaching out to previous players who are interested in playing only at a 3rd grade social level. This will go a long way to help young and new players get game time when not selected for 1st or 2nds.
The league we will take part in is the same we did 2 years ago that will operate outside of the frq. We will be playing teams like the Armada, tremblant, saint-annes 3rds, sherbrooke 3rds and possibly other social grade teams.
If anyone needs information please contact Chris Smith vpmen@montrealirish.com. Lets get the word out so we can make 2018 a great year for MIRFC!


The FRQ AGM will be occurring all day Saturday at the Holiday Inn in Longueuil. Everybody is welcome to accompany our delegation to the AGM and attend the workshops. Contact president@montrealirish.com if you are interested. Click here for the schedule

The MIRFC AGM will take place February 17th 2018, at 5:30 pm at Resto-Pub Le 100 génies.  All MIRFC member’s are welcom to attend.  AGM notice found here

6 nations

The tournament starts Feb 3rd and many of us are preparing ourselves mentally and physically to to watch great matches at Hurley’s.  And if you want to spice up your life a bit, join in the MIRFC yearly 6nations pool  and make cheering on your favorite teams that much more interesting.  Even if you don’t win, you can feel good that a portion of the pool money will be donated to the MIRFC Juniors program.    Pool info here and viewing times have been incorporated in our social calendar here

FRQ Coaching and Reffing courses

Registration to coaching and refereeing courses for winter 2018 are now open. Do not hesitate to register as soon as possible, as there is a maximum of participants per course!

Information and registration links : http://training.rugbycanada.ca

For any additional question, do not hesitate to contact:services@rugbyquebec.com

Saint Patrick’s Parade

Just a reminder that the Saint-Pat’s parade will be taking place Sunday March 18, the day after the 6 nation championship match.  Join our float and celebrate with us.

Comedy Night

We’ll be going as a club to the comedy nest for Comedy Nest for some laughs March 1st.  More details to come.