What’s Happening @ MIRFC 2018 February Vol 1


Get out of hibernation! Indoor training starts this Saturday at the Concordia Dome.  The road to the 2018 championship believe it or not started last December during CrossFit training, if this Saturday is your first outing with the team…  we’ll still take you in.  Meet your fellow teammates from last year and bring new ones along.  Heck bring em right from Hurley’s after watching the 6 nations.
Full training calendar schedule here

If you’re thinking, “I just want to play social rugby this summer no need to work out,” then think of us as well.  It’s time to revive the mighty 3rds.  Contact info@montrealirish.com

6 Nations Week 2

Now if you’re more interested in the social side of the MIRFC join people that love to have a nice breakfast and watch high caliber rugby at Hurley’s pub.  First seated first served, but don’t worry there’s plenty of space.



It’s the AGM, the yearly meeting that sets the tone for the year to come.  The execs work hard every year to make this club happen and we don’t host an AGM because we like to hear our voice, we host this because we want to hear YOURS.  Meet us at 5PM at Pub 100 Genies on Peel street next Saturday and find out where the club is at and how you can lend the club a hand.  More details on our AGM Page here

Comedy Night

Hey Hey,  we booked Ali Hassan for a night of comedy on March 1st.  You’re probably done most of your mid-terms or are putting them off anyways (I don’t remember if mid-terms are before or after March Break), or there’s a chance you aren’t in college anymore.  If you’re not going to be hitting the books might as well be hitting the laughs; bring your study group.

If you’re looking for a Valentine’s present this makes a great gift, maybe you’re parents need to get out of the house? 15$, great comedy and your chance to discover new talent.
Ticket info sponsorship@montrealirish.com 

Saint Paddy’s Parade Queen nominated

For those that couldn’t follow up Paul Loftus’ invitation to the UIS dinner last weekend the Parade queen was nominated and this year the lucky royal is Kathleen Brown-Vandecruys, a Dorval resident.  News article here