Training Moves Outdoors for April

It is proposed that outdoor training will begin for everyone on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 April onwards.  Training for both men’s and women’s teams will be from 6pm.  The men’s teams will endeavour to train outdoors on Tuesday 3 April.  These dates are dependent on the weather so some practice sessions may be indoors on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Please check your emails, this website or our facebook page for the latest details.  There are still two indoor sessions remaining for the men and three for the women.  See below for details.

For directions to the our outdoor training field in Verdun, please click here.


April   Men Women  
2nd Mon 6pm 9.30pm  Indoors
3rd Tues 6pm    Outdoors
4th Wed 8pm 6pm   Indoors
9th Mon None None  
10th Tue 6pm 6pm  Outdoors
11th Wed   6pm  Indoors
12th Thu 6pm 6pm  Outdoors