That, was AWESOME!

When the club asks you for volunteer work your answer should be, “Yes.”
When the coach asks you for volunteer work your answer should definitely be, “Yes Coach.”
When the coach asks you to volunteer for an AC/DC concert you say, “I dropped everything and can I start now?”

Big thank yous to Coach Ian Baillie for getting the plug,  for the organization of the volunteers and the awesome opportunity.  It was a big win/win for the club and all volunteers, special thanks to the ones that were able to come out Sunday and not make it on Monday and finally to Paul, who got us this opportunity.

In numbers:
Sunday- 125+ volunteers, estimated 5000 chairs unstacked, stickered and tie wrapped.  7+ Hrs of work
Monday – 20,000+ audience members and 1Hr 30Min post show work to clean up the chairs.  One loud concert.


Meticulous alignment of chairs was required.


20,000 happy customers!

Post show work ethic was surprisingly fast.

Moral?  Just volunteer, its worth it.