Super Saturday Sum Up

Super Saturday has come and gone and people that weren’t present missed on a good team bonding day.

First the games…  I don’t remember much.

The women played the Barhaven Scottish, who brought a very impressive pack.  They played their game plan and achieved goals.

The 3rds men played an experienced Saint-Lambert side and were unable to produce a try.  An inexperienced defense line that tends to bunch up will be worked on.

Final score aprox: 0-30 loss

The 2nds played and received bonus points playing against the Wanderers and only conceding one try.  The early game gave the advantage 0-9 wanderers but after regrouping the Irish came back with un-interrupted tries.

Final score aprox 40-9 win

The 1st also faced the Wanderers and show very early success with quick tries.  An unfortunate fall did end up in a fractured wrist for Delwyn who was rushed to the hospital.

Aprox score 45-6 win


After the games rookie night happened under the theme of Cops and Robbers.  We had some hilarious costumes and the rookie truly enjoyed themselves under responsible veteran eyes. The MIRFC vets also enjoyed the festivities some a lot more so than others.  Not much more will be said about rookie night as you had to be there to truly appreciate it.

A big thanks the people that helped put on rookie night: Juice, Cristyn, Liza, Rizzle, Ariane, the people that volunteered behind the bar and various others. Big thanks to Conor for organizing the event! I think it’s fair to say that it was a great night all around.


Please remember that the MIRFC runs on volunteers.  As members be mindful that you can always contribute to the club no matter how small you may think it is.  Another big thanks for the people that volunteered to clean up after rookie night, so that the field is ready for the next game.


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