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The stampede of Yorkshiremen has thundered off into the sunset and the dust has finally settled… giving us the peace and quiet (and sobriety) to say a few words of thanks to everyone involved in making their visit here in Montreal one to remember (bear with me, it’s a long’un):

Everyone that made the effort to come out and say hello to the tourists at the Meet and Greet at Hurley’s, as well as those who came to socialise with them after the match on Saturday.  I know that they very much appreciated your warm welcome.

Gordie, thank you for ensuring that Ste-Julie was looking its very best for the games and subsequent activities.

The crew that were out early on Saturday morning to help set up the pitches (Fred, Gareth, anyone else that I probably saw but no longer remember because of beer-related memory issues), you rock!

Huw, thanks for pulling together what turned out to be a successful and entertaining day of rugby.

All the players, thanks for making yourself available for this non-league fixture.

Peter, despite his injuries, was our star behind the bar (as always).

SuperPres, Bob Meunier, treasurer James, and the rest of the exec for keeping an eye on everything and making sure the day ran as smoothly as possible.

Volunteers at the clubhouse – Rana for helping with the food pick-up and serving, Marion and Melusine for cleaning in the morning and also working on the BBQ for a good part of the day (and anyone else that did BBQ duty), various people who helped with picking up garbage and emptying bins and generally kept the place looking clean and tidy.

Our sponsors, Belle Gueule, for the massive amounts of booze that lubricated most of the events.

Tisha, our social rabble-rouser extraordinaire, always knew when it was time for a song or a game (or another pint).

John Dennett and family, for a delicious hogroast and a spectacular day out in Eastman – many of the tourists told me that it was one of their highlights of the trip.

Our old boys, Mike Webb, Frank Rooney, Ed Bell and Ron O’Shaughnessy for helping/driving/photographing and generally adding a bit of class to proceedings.

TMR – for hosting Selby (and a number of the Irish) at their pitch and clubhouse.

Hurley’s – for their generosity and just generally putting up with all the debauchery on numerous occasions.

Huge thanks must go to McAuslan brewery for all the free beer (even if our livers don’t appreciate it) and for hosting the tourists at L’Annexe for their end of tour party.

Tanya – what would we have done without you? Thanks for driving, picking things up, dropping things off, remembering the details when they had escaped everyone else and generally being a superb hostess.

MIKE MAGEE! – for the endless hours of planning, booking, double- and triple-checking all the reservations and activities.  For all the running around and for your kindness and generosity in making sure everyone was included and happy at all times.  This tour could not have been the success it was without you!

Finally, massive thanks to Selby RUFC for honouring us with a visit and for showing us how a great tour is done!  Any of you who had the pleasure to meet them will know what a great bunch of guys they are.  For the rest of you, maybe you’ll get the chance when they’re back in 2028!

For anyone I may have omitted, I apologise – blame it on Belle Gueule….

Cathy McKee VP Executive


June 23

4:00pm New arrivals Happy Hour at NYKS Bistor Pub
7:30 Meet and Greet at MIRFC club sponsor Hurleys.

June 24

All day Selby RUFC visit of downtown Montreal and Saint Jean Baptiste celebrations

June 25

1:00pm –  MIRFC Alumni (M) vs Selby Alumni in a 4×20 min format
3pm – MIRFC Men v Selby Men

June 26

2:00  pm Dennetts’s Hog Roast Party in Eastman.  A club favorite but there is just a limited amount of Hog to carve up! 25$ per plate.

June 27

6:30 Fixture VS TMR

June 28

Lachine Canal Rapids on Jet boats
6:30 Departure Banquet at L`Annexe (McAuslan Brewery)

June 29

Departure day 🙁

Hello Montreal Irish!

Here is the electronic itinerary for the return visit to Montreal of Selby RUFC. Click on the link below to open:

Travefy Itinerary



Quotes from the last

In the 12 years since his last visit,Mick Pearce has learnt to speak Canadian
Over the last 2 months tourists have been asked to contribute to an article “Mike Magee’s finest performances for Selby”.Limited (actually zero) response so far”
“Highlight of 2004 was being given a free Kebab after the shop owner spotted me Blazered up at the back of the 2.00 am queue”. John Phillips.
“2004 altered my perception of Women’s rugby and I realised how skilful and competitive it is”. Unfortunately I have been unable to find a club at home who will take me!” –Andy Usher.

Richard Mustill AKA “The Cat” was so shocked to find that he is not actually  a cat that he coughed up a fur ball.

18 of the group are returning Tourists from 2004.All of them are 12 years older.

Can someone please ring Mick Bell?

The average age of the Tour Party is 38.If Pete Pemberton decides not to tour that will drop to 26.

Kev Lamb has a fear of mint sauce.