Saint Patrick’s day, for those who missed it

Well, we did it Irish. St. Patrick’s weekend is finally over, and a good time was had by all. The first event of the weekend took place on Friday, with the MIRFC being well represented at the St. Patrick’s Annual Luncheon. The green jackets were a hit with the crowd, and it was never in doubt that we would be the last table to leave the venue. After all, we weren’t going to leave open wine to waste! After leaving, we had made our way down to Hurley’s dust off those Guinness taps and have a good laugh. The pints were flowing, people were dancing, and we even managed to have some of our very own members featured on CTV!


Saturday morning rolled around, and it was the final day of the 6 Nations. Ireland were certainly inspired as it was their legendary 13, Brian O’Driscoll’s final appearance in that green jersey. The boys showed their best and managed to capture the 6 Nation’s trophy! We knew at that point, this was going to be a long day. But there was no slowing us down as we knew from the start, this was to be our biggest weekend!


It was now Sunday morning on the corner of Rene-Levesque and Crescent, and everyone was as shocked as the next to see each other awake and excited for the Parade. Gordy O. and Clint Toffa had made it their mission to be the first in the doors at Hurley’s, and boy was it evident. Though the Parade had a slight delay, we green did not mind as Hurley’s was right next door. More pints. Finally the parade was underway and the green were loud and cheerful. We event managed a celebrity appearance, The Green Phantom, to come and walk with us. The MIRFC is clearly well liked in Montreal as several parade goers were asking for pictures and hugs right until the end. It was another successful St. Patrick’s weekend and I encourage you all to come and join us next year!



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