Rookie Night – 2010





 Rookie night 2010 definitely lived up to its billing as one of the premier social events of the summer calendar. This year’s edition promised to be especially good considering the high number of rookies to join the club. With no less than 30 rookies in attendance for the festivities, much fun was had…… some of which we can talk about, and other things best left at St-Julie. As the old saying goes, what happens at St-Julie stays at…..sorry, gets posted on the internet and will resurface during the banquet.



The night started off with the rookies hitting the sheds and changing into costumes provided for them. For the rookies that had their own costumes, they were allowed to wear those. Off hand, I remember “muff diver” Paul, “fairy” Yannick and outrageous Chris as particularly memorable. From the costumes given out, I was particularly fond of Dave O’Neil’s black lace negligee and big Dom.



Once the rookies were dressed and divided into teams based on neon coloured bathing caps, the participants were brought outside for some good old fashioned fun. Relay and boat races ensued as teams competed for supremacy. The crowd seemed particularly impressed with the rookie talent at drop-goals after spinning around 10 times.




 Relay races were followed by a steam-rolling event and the infamous Yukka. Resident joker and undisputed Yukka king Jamie Lockwood was on hand to make sure this tradition was well respected. The first injury of the day was reported when Chris went down with an ankle injury during the steam roll. Big Dom once again made his presence felt during the steam roll—we done young man.







Next event was the slip-and-slide where points were awarded for originality and generally dangerous behaviour. Happily, no participants were injured. With a little coaxing by yours truly, and a chant from the crowd, club prez Marky G also participated in the slide and was quick to return the favour.




The outdoor events over, all rookies were invited back to the sheds to prepare for the first annual MIRFC rookie night talent show. This event was particularly successful and hilarious, if not a little long. The talents were hilarious and ranged from awkward dances and skits (Mickey, Alfredo, Phil, Switchback… Wtf?), to hilarious songs (the three ladies come to mind as particularly good), to golf antics, to more songs (Aaron, Paul!!!). A good time was had by all. Special mention should go to Marvin and Mo for hilarious commentary. Punishments were handed out and rookies took them well. Some notable punishments included being tapped to Havachat or Huw, to B star movie references (Rob Lowe), to jars of Alfredo Sauce, to prophylactics for Brennan, to many more. 


From there, the patio turned into a dance floor and the party literally lasted all night. A couple of mentions

–         To Emran who slept outside in a sleeping bag the whole night in the middle of everything

–         To the Welsh boys Calum and Tom (and Huw) for the laughs – you two truly make lovely flowers.

–    To Garry and his big hat, you see it’s funny cause its bigger than a normal hat

–         To Sheena, Vicky, Adrienne, Seymour and the crew for helping out at the bar.

–         To all those that helped clean up. From what I saw, the following people deserve special thanks: Gareth, Paul T, Seymour

–         To the people that helped organize this event: Butch, Irene, Gwen, Gareth and Mark.  It seems like Bunnies and T-Shirt tuxedo night was a great success.

Until next year!



– Crandall