Results July 20 Montreal Irish

For the second weekend in a row the Irish had a full house hosting the Saint-Lambert Locks on the Women’s side and the SABRC for the Men’s

Women’s II unfortunately lost the first game of the day but most importantly the first’s came up strong with a 67-7 win!  Thus insuring their promotion to Super league next season!

As for the Men’s results here are some words from Coach Roberts:

“Firstly well done on Saturday 2 good wins for the 2nds (36-5) and the Mighty 3rds (29-5) and I feel that we were unlucky not to make it a sweep in the 1sts (10-17). That said we have a lot of work to do in August to ensure that we finish in the top 2 in the 1sts and 2nds to guarantee a home semi final.

There is no game this weekend July 27th. Nobody wanted to play the Mighty 3rds – who can blame them?!”
Here are some interesting stats:
3rd’s have not lost a season game yet
2nd’s last three games gained a total of 127 points and only gave up 5 points to opposition
Prems had prop forward James Murray run a 30 yards for a sideline try,  who needs wingers when you have forwards who can do it all?
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