QC road trip weekend notes

2 wins this weekend for our 1st and 2nds team on a road trip to Quebec city.

For the seconds Alex Wolfe gets a hat trick and helps the team reach bonus points
Final Score 46-5 Irish

The firsts also faired well but did not make it easy on themselves, ended the day with a win at 29-10 Irish.

The 3rds had to forfeit due to players not being available. Which does not make it look good for the club.

Next week the 1st and 2nd grade will be heading to Ottawa and the 3rds in MTL vs Exiles.

There are still games to be played so make yourself available. There will be a need for players for the rest of the season
shift whatever you have to – work, school, family. Each player is a member of the Montreal Irish and with that comes the pride and the responsibility of being a part of this club. Speak to those that have been here for a considerable time to know what being part of this club means to them and what it should mean to you.