Pre-Order MIRFC Apparel


For the 60th Anniversary the MIRFC are happy to make the following items available to pre-order.

On feature is the 60th anniversary Polo made with anti snag, moisture wicking and breathable material.  To encourage the purchase of the polo, a 5$,  stackable, rebate* can be obtained by purchasing any of the other items available during pre-order.


*For every item (other than the polo) added to your pre-order, accumulate 5$ rebates towards a 60th anniversary Polo.  e.g. buy a t-shirt, get 5$ off the polo, buy a hoodie and jogging pants get 10$ off the polo.

How to purchase

The MIRFC will be taking orders up to May 28.
Please fill out and send the purchase order form to  If you use excel to fill out the form, the rebates will be calculated for you, if this is not possible, fill it out as best as you can and we will calculate the applicable rebates for you.  Once your order is confirmed we will arrange payments.  Notice that your order will not be valid if payment is not made by May 28th. Delivery is expected 4 weeks after May 28th. We will accept Interact e-transfer and credit card, a 4% service charge is added if you use credit card.

Send order form to