Ottawa Road Trip and Sponsor Appreciation Night


The weekend of the 26th saw the Men’s 1st and 2nds travel to Ottawa Twin Elms park and the 3rds stayed home to play the MTL exiles.  When the MIRFC say roadtrip and bus for the same weekend, you know the Club will take advantage of this situation.

The trip to Ottawa was all business, players listened to music to get pumped and focused on the games ahead while absorbing the coaching words of Ian Baille and Huw Roberts.  The concentration payed off as the Men easily took home bonus points that day for the 1st and 2nds.


For the 2nds, Gordon O. wouldn’t stop recounting to me how he got 2 tries in his ongoing race to beat Clint on the season try tally.   All in all if Gordon O. gets to brag about scoring 2 tries, then the MIRFC were prepared thus allowing Gordon O to score 2 tries.

2nd Win 31-0


For the 1sts, a fb sums some of the highlights of the day

Thoroughly enjoyable to watch (& better tackling too). Acker’s maniacal chase/demolition of those Ottawa Irish backs, & the resultant try was pure magic, as was Prop, James Murray’s support play, today methinks he’s as future fly-half or wing – LoL! – Richard Clegg

Final result 38-5 for the MIRFC


The 3rds played in Montreal vs the exiles, no win for our “Mighty 3rds” but despite only having 10 able bodied men take on a full 15 of the Exiles, they still managed to keep the game tight and score 2 tries and only limiting the Exiles to 3.

I believe the final score was something on the lines for 10-15 for the Exiles.


The Women played their last game of the season versus the Barbs.  losing 41-7. the FRQ was onsite and took pictures of the game available here.



To celebrate the wins the boys took full advantage of the bus ride home,  making duck faces, eating carrots and of course celebrating.




The drop off was Hurleys and the women’s team joined up later for Sponsor Appreciation night.   Big thanks to Conor for setting this up.

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