Montreal Irish Welcome Gareth Rees

Last Thursday the Montreal Irish were lucky enough to have the services of Ex-International and all- time leading points scorer for Canada – Gareth Rees. Along with Florent Rossigneux (former racing Club de Paris and Wasps player) Gareth led an up-tempo training session with a back to basics theme that left a great impression with the players.

With over 80 men and women in attendance the Montreal Irish turned out in force to take advantage of this very beneficial program and everyone was left very satisfied with the experience.

“It’s not every night you get to work with international players and get a look at what they’re doing at the top levels and it was interesting to see their focus on doing the basics right. The feedback I’ve had from players has been great and Gareth worked very well with everyone involved.”

Ian Baillie (Head Coach – Men)

After a hard session that left many players huffing and puffing, Club President – Mark Gallagher (chief huffer) and Vice President – Dave Crandall (chief puffer) presented Gareth and Flo with some club ties as a thank you on behalf of the Irish and welcomed them to return any time.

After the session Gareth and the lads were kind enough to join the Montreal Irish players in their traditional Thursday after-practice dinner ritual at the Capri and sampled some good honest and local faire at the Capri in Verdun. In such an intimate setting, they were able to share some fun stories from their professional playing days and it rounded off a very successful evening.

“This was a fantastic evening for the club. The anticipation by players before the session and the enthusiasm during was personally great to witness. Rugby Canada and the Federation de Rugby du Quebec, should be commended for this excellent initiative and the Montreal Irish are very eager to participate in the next one.”

Mark Gallagher (President)