Montreal Irish to Represent at the Finals Again. Now with new Scoreboard!

Another year, another season, another playoff run, and another Final, I believe it will make this the 5th year in row.  The MIRFC Prems and Reserve won their games today and access another Final’s game to be played on September 6th, so mark your calendars.


The Reserves started off the day against the Wanderers, who took the lead early on but by half the Irish had regained momentum and were leading by 3 points.  It was definitely a nail biter of a game as the whistle blew the final score was 18-15 Irish.


The Prems faced off against Quebec City, who fought as best as they could not topple our team.  The final score was a satisfactory 34-7


New Score Board


This year a major addition, a digital scoreboard, has been provided to the Saint-Julie Club grounds.  Big thanks to key supporters Brasserie RJ , Rugby Quebec and Electrika (who stepped up with materials and expertise).

From our side, big thanks to Trevor Lane , our President and do-it-all Bob Meunier and lastly to Jim Kellett who made this whole thing happen. Jim and family have moved from Montreal and I think the club owes him a big thanks for all that he has done. I think the scoreboard will be a good (and hopefully permanent!) reminder of Jim’s numerous contributions.

Dave Crandall – Treasurer


Au nom du club de rugby Montreal Irish RFC j’aimerais vous remercier de votre participation à l’approvisionnement des supports d’acier pour le tableau indicateur. L’installation finale a été complétée hier à la très grande satisfaction des membres du club et de nos commanditaires principaux, Brasserie RJ (Belle-gueule) et la fédération de Rugby Québec (FRQ). Avec cet ajout à nos installations notre terrain de Sainte-Julie devient l’un des mieux équipés du Québec.

Bob Meunier President MIRFC


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 Volunteers Needed for Finals

The club really needs your help on this big day. I am calling on everyone (current/old players, rookies, vets, old boys/girls, fans, supporters) to add your name to the list of volunteers. Notify Marie C. Valderrama about your availabilities.