MIRFC sending all three grades to finals for the fourth year in a row

History repeats itself, again.

For the fourth year in a row, the MIRFC will be sending all three of their men’s teams to the provincial finals after three tough victories over the weekend.

MIRFC III defeat veteran Beaconsfield squad

The MIRFC were in tough against a good (albeit not young…) Beaconsfield team. The boys did well to keep their cool at the breakdown despite numerous (at least in my opinion) infringements on the part of the Beaconsfield pack. With some MIRFC vets keeping the play moving, the young guns were able to showcase their skills to the general delight of the crowd. It was a close game from start to finish, the difference being a beautifully executed play that ended with Martin Nuddyboom (real name unknown (edit: Neuteboom, read the team roster please.)) crossing the line. Big game also by Jeff Pelletier, the young number 9. That kid is good, big rugby future for him, Final score Irish 15 Beaco 10.

Props to big Zach McComber who reluctantly came off the field after getting injured, only to later realize that he had broken his collar bone. That kid is tough, like really tough. It was like he didn’t think the injury was a big deal and he was already making plans for the finals… until he took his shirt off. Seeing what it looked like, Zach was all too quick to show us what he had eaten for breakfast. Several times. Get better, big guy.

left to right in green jerseys: Konstatin Born, Martin Neuteboom, JR Saulce, Andy Plimer

left to right in green jerseys:
Konstatin Born, Martin Neuteboom, JR Saulce, Andy Plimer.
{photo credit: Neale McDevitt}


MIRFC II defeat Ottawa Scottish

How about those 2nds? They looked good on this day. With Timmy Yaworski taking a leadership role, the boys asserted themselves well. Playing a well-drilled Ottawa Scottish that included a few prem players, the boys were up to the task. Highlights included two “prop tries” by Marvin Esteban-Taylor and the ageless Dave Linard. And how about those young kids again, with Charles “Chuck” Soltendieck and Alex “the Wolf,” Wolfe (edit: sorry Mo you’ll have to fight for your title back) crossing cats left and right, and young Seb Juan-Alladio making moves in the backs. Final score Irish 29 Scottish 17.

Seconds take the field vs Ottawa Irish II.

Seconds take the field vs Ottawa Scottish II.
{photo credit: Neale McDevitt}

MIRFC I defeat Ottawa Indians

What do they put in the drinking water in Ottawa? The MIRFC welcome those big lads from Ottawa for a semi-final showdown. Nobody thought this would be an easy game, and boy were they right. The Indians came to play, dominating the first 15 minutes in terms of territory and possession. But the MIRFC were up to the challenge, playing strong D across the board. We also had the pleasure of re-welcoming former MIRFC player Isaac Salmon, who was now anchoring the Indians backline at fly half. That kid’s got moves like Jagger, but even Isaac’s two tries were not enough to turn the tides as the MIRFC started to assert themselves about 20 minutes into the first half and would never look back. The younger guys again, you say? Yes, guys like Xav Lindley and Dan Pelletier were awesome – and boy can they fly.

The Flying Murray

Not a flying Dan Pelletier or Xav Lindley
{photo credit: Neale McDevitt}

It would not be a complete match summary if we didn’t at least mention a few rather spirited conversations between the two teams. I’m sure I had a biased point of view, but I can find no reason for choking in the game of rugby. And, more importantly, to make fun of a player who had just been injured is not something that belongs in the game of rugby. Ever. I’ve always had respect for the Ottawa Indians and hope that they continue to be a first-rate rugby club that always brings it on the field. Final score Irish 39 Indians 18.

So, if you’re keeping score at home, that makes all 3 Irish teams in the finals, for a fourth year in a row.  “Friend” and check out and Neale’s facebook page for pictures. All three teams will play perennial foes (drum roll please….) St Annes in their respective finals. It’s sure to be a great day of rugby so don’t miss it. We have the pleasure of hosting the finals this year. Irish III play at 8:30am, Irish II at 2:00pm and Irish I at 4:00pm.   Invite friends, family and strangers off the street. Full schedule below.


-Dave Crandall