MIRFC Men – the last four years


Recently, the MIRFC has enjoyed some very successful years. Over the past four years, the club has gone from a competitive social side fielding two men’s teams, to the Quebec 1st division champions while fielding three men’s teams as well as a junior squad.

In 2007, the club took the first steps towards success as the first team managed to get to the 2nd division semi final and the second team to the 3rd division semi-final. The following year, 2008, both the first and second team managed to win their respective divisions in dramatic fashion over rival Parc-O.  Both games were played at home in St-Julie and were representative of the numerous physical encounters between the two rivals. Having won the 2nd division, the club was promoted to the 1st division – a key goal for the club had been accomplished.


2009 saw the return of the MIRFC to the big show. It also marked the return of the MIRFC third team which was to compete in the C division. The boys were anxious to play at the top level and were ready for the challenge. Unfortunately, the first half of the season proved to be tough as the boys lost several games, punctuated by a last-second loss to old rivals Parc-O, who had also been promoted. The season on the verge of being lost, the leaders of the team got together and put a plan in place to turn things around. The plan worked. The first team did turn things around and won most of the remaining games to finish middle of the pack. After two quarter-finals win, both the first and second team lost good, close games in the semi-finals (the third team had to forfeit due to lack of numbers). All in all, it was another good year for the club as they got all three of their teams to the semi-finals in Quebec’s top divisions.

team photo

2010 surely has to be considered the most successful season to date by the MIRFC. The three men’s teams finished a combined 26-5-2 over the course of the season. The third team won most of their regular season games and won the C division in dramatic fashion over new rivals and hitherto perennial champs St-Annes. The second team went undefeated in the entire regular season and did not lose a game all year until they lost to St-Annes in the final. The first team had a very solid regular season, and punctuated that by beating a strong Quebec City team in Quebec in the semi-finals and then beating four-time defending champs St-Annes in the finals. Three teams, three finals and two championships – what a year!

What comes next for the MIRFC is up to you. Join the club and become a part of a strong winning tradition.