The MIRFC have been crowned Champions of both Super League divisions by winning both finals against their opponents the Bytown Blues.

Finals matches are never boring.  The seconds finished the first half up 10-0 but their opponents, the Bytown Blues II did not give up that easily and came back early in the 2nd evening up the scores.  In the end the Reserves steeled themselves and finished the match leading 17-10.

MIRFC LPR SUPERLEAGUE RESERVES win 2017 Championship 17-10 agains Bytown Blues II

As for the title match of the day, the Firsts faced off against the season undefeated Bytown Blues I.  The Blues took advantage of the many penalties taken by the Irish early on to take the lead by 12 Bytown-0 Irish.  The Irish, cleaned up their act, stopped the Bytown scoring chances and got going to make a steady comeback ending the half 12 Bytown – 26 Irish.

During the second half Bytown would try their very best to prod and poke the Irish to find weaknesses, sometimes finding some but Irish were quick to address them. The home crowd would get off their seats to chant encouragements in the hopes to give the squad that extra push.  Paulo Reis probably had the thrill of his life when the crowd started cheering him as he walked on for a substitution as the crowd chanted his name.

In the end the undefeated Bytown Blues lost the only match of the season that counted.  The final score was Irish 45 – Bytown 36. At the sound of the final whistle all fans rushed to congratulate the 2017 Champions.

The players, staff, executive, MIRFC and extended community dedicate the wins to the memory of Alexandre Jacazio, who will be missed as a player, coach, community member and friend.

MIRFC LPR SUPERLEAGUE PREMS win 2017 Championship 45-36 against Bytown Blues


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