MIRFC Board for 2017

Hello Irish,
The AGM is over for another year (thank you to everyone that came out!) and we have a new line up on the board (see below).
Before listing the new members, I’d like to say a quick word of thanks to those
stepping down:
– After a year of working hard to help build and develop the Montreal Irish Junior Program, Marie Valderrama has stepped down as VP Youth Development in order to turn her attention to coaching the Junior Girls, which is something we hope to reap the benefits of in the next year or two!  Thanks, Marie, for your dedication and commitment to developing the sport and helping to grow our club.
James Acker, always a reliable addition to any team, helped immensely with keeping on top of the various conflicting matches and activities out at Ste-Julie.  From piecing together the jigsaw puzzle that is scheduling multiple teams from two clubs sometimes more) on our two fields, to making sure someone was there to open and run a fully-stocked bar and bbq (all with a big grin on his face), nothing was ever too big of an ask for James!
– After many years of service on the board, Erin Benzakein is handing over the torch as Club Captain.  A passionate proponent of rugby in Quebec and a fierce defender of our club and all our members, Erin provided a voice, in particular, for the women of the Montreal Irish.  Always with her finger on the pulse with regard to what’s going on in rugby in the province, her insight and perspective (and opinions!) will be very much missed at future board meetings!
– Finally, Bob Meunier is stepping down after four years as president.  Four years is a long time, considering he runs his own successful business and juggles various other commitments.  I often wonder if Bob ever sleeps…!?  Always quick to respond to questions and requests, he cares deeply about the club and its members.  No task is ever too big or small – he visits Ste-Julie in the off-season to make sure the clubhouse is still standing, he pitches in to serve food or beer to visiting teams, he manages important relationships with Rugby Quebec, the City of Ste-Julie, and our sponsors, and he’s still ready to throw on a jersey and play 80 minutes of rugby at the end of it all.  Bob, we cannot thank you enough for the time, effort and enthusiasm you’ve put into the club and the exec committee over the past 4 years.  Thank you!
When you see them at practice or out at Ste-Julie, feel free to shake their hand and thank them for their time and efforts!
The new board for 2017 is as follows:
Executive Committee:
President – Cathy McKee
VP Executive – Christopher Smith
Treasurer – James Murray
Secretary – Helene-Jane Groarke
Officers of the Board:
VP Rugby, Men – Fred Gignac
VP Rugby, Women – Rana Fahmy
VP Youth Development – [open position]
VP Grounds – Gordon Olszewski
VP Media & Marketing – William Mui
VP Social – Tisha McComb
VP Alumni – Mark Gallagher
Club Captain – Eric Demers
VP Sponsorship and Fundraising – Sheena Mallais
VP 60th Festivities – Jimmy Heaslip

Congratulations and welcome to the board!  I’m excited to see what we can do this year (and beyond) with all these new faces and fresh ideas on the team.

If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me or any one of the board members listed above!
All the best,