MIRFC bank holiday softball game


On Monday the 24th of May, a rag-tag group of MIRFC players and friends got together to participate in a civic holiday softball game. In true form, nobody showed up on time for the 1pm start. When James Acker and Mark finally showed up with the equipment, the game was set to begin.


What followed could hardly be described as “sport”, though everybody seemed to have a good time. Kenny (and his epic playoff beard) played barefoot and was quickly deemed shoeless Joe.


Irene, Larissa, Darryl, Seymour, Ali O and co., using their charm and weather appropriate outfits, easily managed to convince the three randoms at the park to play with us…and cheers to them, they were good sports, even though they had brought their own baseball cleats.


Other players, not having brought their own cleats, used other time-tested methods to give themselves that competitive advantage.

softball-may24-5Much fun was had as well as some good laughs. Apparently, cricket skills are not transferable to baseball as Gareth was quick to demonstrate.

softball-may24-6Some players seem to get the hand of it and some good softball was played!

softball-may24-7softball-may24-8All in all a great time was had by all who participated, or simply came out to watch!

softball-may24-9softball-may24-10Until next time folks, keep practicing rounding those bases beer in hand!

See you next civic holiday!

– Crandall

(Thanks to Darryl Halickman for the pics!)