MIRFC 2013 Awards Banquet

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have confirmed the details regarding our annual MIRFC Awards Banquet!
It will take place November 9th, 2013 at the Atwater Club.
Address: 3505 Atwater Ave, Montreal, QC H3H 1Y2
The dinner service will include 4 options to choose from, all of which include 4 courses:
Option A : Leak and Pear Soup –> California Salad –> Grilled Chicken with Pear Sauce –> Dessert –> Coffee/ Tea
Option B : Leak and Pear Soup –> California Salad –> Grilled Atlantic Salmon with Dill Sauce –> Dessert –> Coffee/Tea
Option C : Leak and Pear Soup –> California Salad –> Pasta Primavera –> Dessert –> Coffee/Tea
Option D : Leak and Pear Soup –> California Salad –> Roast Beef –> Dessert –> Coffee/Tea
The prices are as follows: 
Dinner’s A, B, C will cost $55. 
Dinner will cost $65.
These prices will INCLUDE BEER AND VODKA gifted to you all from your rugby club, MIRFC.
WINE will be available for purchase by the bottle once you are at your table. Wine is not included in the ticket price, however will be served at a discount price.
Mixed drinks will be available for purchase directly from the Atwater Club’s bar.
What I need from everyone will be:
1) How many tickets you wish to buy
2) Which dinner option you wish to have
Tickets will be waiting for you at the door with your reservation; please pay by CASH at the door.
This is shaping up to be a fantastic evening this coming November. For those of you who haven’t been, the Atwater Club is a beautiful establishment located downtown, just a short walk from Hurley’s.
I hope to see all of you at this year’s banquet as it always proves to be one of the biggest nights of the year for the club.
If there are any questions, please don’t hesitate to get back to me. I’m looking forward to receiving your reservations.
Conor O’Hara
VP Social