Men finish season with losses

The Irish men travelled to Quebec City for the last game of the season with the intention of capping off the season on a high note. Alas Quebec played better to seal their well fought wins.

The seconds started off on the wrong foot and needed to catchup to a 10 point deficit in the first half. The second half did not start any better and they needed to battle a 15 points. Though they did manage to fight the uphill battle ( the plains of Abraham literally slope) to lead with a 24-20 in the dying minutes costly mistakes allowed Quebec to return with one try ending the game with a 24-25 tally in favor of the home team.

For the firsts turn at the game this was their opportunity to show Quebec that their previous loss in Saint-Julie was more than a missed penalty kick. But it was not to be, Quebec has ramped up their game since then and won 46 to 14.

Though not the way to end a season the first have clinched 1st place in the devision and 2nds are awaiting results for other teams to know whether they finish 1 or 2nds. In any case the Irish should qualify for the byes of the quarter finals.

Congratulations to the women’s who defeated RCM and will play the finals next week in Quebec City. Anybody that can make it should do the trip to cheer them on.

All able bodies need to go to practice this week.