Las Vegas 7’s roster announced

5 members of the MIRFC have been selected to play in the Las Vegas 7’s on
March 3-5.
Congrats to all players making the team and best of luck with your Coach.

The selection is made in consultation between Paul Van Wyck, David Macleod and Robert Law due at Frederic Asselin departure.
Coach / player Végas 7’s: Paul Van Wyck

Cedric Fortin-Baraccudas de St-Jean sur Richelieu
Emile Picard-Baraccudas de St-Jean sur Richelieu
Lucas Hotton-TMR
Marc-Antoine Bourget-Montreal Irish
Paul Van Wick-Montreal Irish
Robert Law-Montreal Irish
Charles Debove-Ste-Annes de Bellevue
Fredéric Kacou-Wanderers
Alex Elali-Ste-Annes de Bellevue
Thomas Goetz-Montreal Irish
Paulo Reis-Montreal Irish
Étienne Bouchard-TMR

-Gabriel Bilodeau
-Frédéric Berger
-Alexandre Charest


Also Max Mousset also of the MIRFC is playing for the Ontario Rugby Rogue.

Good luck to all.