Montreal Irish Wolfhounds

U-18 Boys Team/S18 Équipe masculin


The 2014 season is coming soon, and it’s going to be a great one! Stay tuned for more information. Go Wolfhounds!

La saison 2014 sera bientôt ici, et plus d’information sera disponible bientôt! Aller les Wolfhounds!



Any boys born in 1996, 1997 and 1998 who would like to learn more about the greatest game in the world and be a part of an absolutely amazing club! No experience necessary!

Les garçons nés en 1996, 1997 and 1998 qui aimeraient en apprendre plus sur le meilleur sport du monde et faire partie d’un club incroyable! Aucune expérience nécessaire!


If you or your parents have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Youth Coordinator, Cristyn Edwards, by email or phone!

Si vous ou vos parents avez des questions, n’hésitez pas à contacter la coordonnatrice des jeunes, Cristyn Edwards, par courriel ou téléphone!

Cristyn Edwards



See you soon! À bientôt!



Please contact our Youth Coordinator with any general questions regarding the sport, the club or the juniors program:

Cristyn Edwards


  • Tony spada

    to bad you guys don’t have mini rugby for kids between 6 and 12.

    • Mark

      Hi Tony,

      Yes, for sure. We really want to get a mini program going and are trying to get one going this year. Keep an eye on the website for developments. Thanks for your comment.


  • Courteney

    When do practices/training start for Junior girls?

    • Ariane Beaulieu

      hello courteney

      send me an email to so I will be able to send you the info when we’ll be about to start the practices.

  • Tony_assuncao

    Hi, I was born in 1997 and would like to play this year.I play for my school team and would like to continue during the summer. What do you have for my age(15 this month)

    • Ariane Beaulieu

      Could you please fill the online information form on our junior/registration Or contact directly our Boys’ Coach Dave Keane :

    • Cristyn Edwards

      Hi Tony,

      Practices start today at 5pm! Unfortunately we don’t have a team for your age group, but you can practice all summer with us and you’ll be able to play next year!


  • David-Aleander Distefano

    Is there going to be matches outside of Quebec? If there is, do we need our own transportation?

    • Cristyn Edwards

      Hi! There are no matches outside of Quebec, but there may be some in Quebec City, Sherbrooke etc… and we organize carpools on these days.

  • Taylor J.Parks

    Hi, I am 15 years old and I love paying rugby. I’d like to know if I can join the team this year. Thanks!

    • Cristyn Edwards

      Hi Taylor! That’s great to hear! Our 2013 U-18 team for this year will be for players born in 1995, 96 or 97. Anyone younger can still join the team and come train with us, and we will try to organize games for them to play in during the summer! I hope you come out, the Irish is a fantastic club. We’ll be updating the website soon, so you can keep checking back for more information :)

  • David-Alexander Distefano

    Is there any indoor practices? If there is, when and where are they?

    • Mjdgallagher

      Yes! Check out the indoor practice section on website for full details. What age are you?

      • David-Alexander Di Stefano

        I am 18 years of age (born on march 1995)

  • Alexi Bertrand

    Je joue de temps à autre avec mon école , j’ai déjà jouer une partie et j’ai aimé ça. J’aimerais bien faire partie d’une équipe de Rugby .. J’aimerais savoir c’est quand et où qu’on doit s’inscrire pour la saison a venir ? je suis né le 12 oct 1995.

    • David-Alexander Di Stefano

      Il y a une pratique demain a 6:30 au parc Dupuis a Verdun.

      • Alexi Bertrand

        ouais mais je travail aujourdhui donc je pourrai pas .. il faudrait que je le sache davance pour prendre conger .. C’est quand la prochaine pratique ou c’est où que je dois aller pour m’inscrire ?

        • David-Alexander Distefano

          Chaque mardi et jeudi de 6:30 a 8:30

  • David-Alexander Di Stefano

    Is there going to be a U18 boys rugby team this summer?

    • Cristyn

      Of course there is! Practices start June 4th at 5pm at Parc Dupuis in Verdun!

      • David-Alexander Di Stefano

        Alright cool thanks alot ;)

  • DaAnte

    Can I still come to the practices if I only heard of this team now? Where is Parc Dupuis by the way?