Irish Wander off with wins

Two games were played this weekends on the fields of the Douglas hospital against the Wanderers.
The 1sts put their best performance of the year together and it was a pleasure to watch from the sideline, some of the rugby was fantastic.   There was a great display of skills, footwork and set pieces.  Many plays involving great hands, footwork, passing skills and communications resulted in one beautiful plays during the whole match.  Final tally 48-6
Men’s seconds were playing for a 6th consecutive win this weekend and first away game since 3 games with homefield advantage.
Despite questionable reffing, the seconds squeaked out a win and showed great character under very trying conditions.  Though the penalty count against was high, sideline amateurs pegging the penalty tally of the first half in the neighborhood of 25 against the irish to 3, the 2nds were guilty of not adapting to the officiating.  Aided by a well placed 45 yard crosswind penalty kick from Huw, the seconds still managed to squeak by with 17-15 win.  
There are two games left in the regular season and this upcoming weekend against the Ottawa Scottish and Saint-Jean will be the last regular season home game (the last game will be in Quebec City)!  A reminder for all grades to come out to training in numbers this week and give availability to Huw if not already done already.