Irish III vs. St Anne’s III (May 29th, 2010)


Good Morning Men,
As most of you are no doubt aware the 3rds had a game yesterday against St Anne De Belleveue 3rds, but before we get to that I would like to thank the 21 guys who came out to st Anne’s to train before the game and put us one step closer to being in the ideal position to start the Premiership season with wins against Beaconsfield next Sunday.
So back to what was truly a game of 2 halves.
In the first half we had a young referee from St Anne’s who allowed the game to flow and this suited the Irish much more than the Home team.

About 7 minutes after the kick off the Irish scored their first try, this came off the back of continuous pressure and territorial advantage.(Conversion Missed) 5-0 Irish.


With Half back pairing D’Arcy and Mo running the game and using every opportunity to send the ball wide the Irish were stretching the St Anne’s defense to breaking point with every attack,especially when the outside backs,(Tim Yaworski, David Gaspard), linked up to create overlaps.
Not to be outdone the pack started to take the ball forward with conviction around the fringes of the ruck  and this combination of physical tight play and pace out wide was the undoing of St anne’s.


Tries flowed one after another and although monopolized by the front row,(Linard,hooker Niall Castelli and Big Dave L again), were all the result of great team play.
Dave Linard contributed his compulsory 1 kick per game, his honour saved by a fantastic chase by Asdale Evans who not only tackle the St Anne’s Full back but then recovered the ball and put Mr Linard in for the first of his brace. D’Arcy made 2 conversions.
St Anne’s did mange to notch 5 points in the first half for a score of:
Half Time 24-5.

The Second Half was a completely different affair.

Despite his best efforts he couldn’t bring St Annes back into the game as every time he gifted them a score we would race back to the other end and notch a try of our own. Chris smith and Joe Munroe the try scorers, unfortunately both went unconverted.
Final Score 34-19.
All in all a great team effort with tries evenly distributed amongst graduates of the junior program,(Joe),Rookies,(Niall and Chris) and Veteran Warriors,(Dave Linard), 2 per category.
There were many good performances but from the sideline the best on ground has to go to Dave ,(Vermont/Mushroom),Demarest who was everywhere and never takes a backward step in attack or defense.

Finally please send me your availability for next Sunday 6th June. We have games at 1.30pm and 3pm in St Julie against Beaconsfield for the 1st and 2nd grades.
I need your responses by noon on Monday as the teams will be announced at training on Tuesday,(so that we can train with the guys we are playing with). is the address to send availability to. Even if you think you have told me please respond again.

Thanks, Tols