Irleland 2018 – MIRFC 60th Anniversary Tour

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2017 is our 60th Anniversary and what better way to mark the occasion than with a grand tour!?

The lowdown:
WHERE?  Galway and Limerick
WHEN?  From the 3rd of may to the 11th
WHO?  Open to playing club members, Alumni, Social club members.  There is also the possibility that partners can come along, depending on numbers.
COST?  Somewhere around $1200, but we hope to reduce this cost significantly by looking at alternative accommodation options like being hosted by clubs over there AND with fundraising (this will require involvement and effort from all people planning to come on tour). Installment payments can be made from now to departure date, see below!
At this stage, in order to advance with planning, and to start locking down best prices for flights/accommodation, etc., we need your help to get an idea of numbers.
We’re very excited to get this ball rolling!!

A brand-new bank account to receive all the money for the 2018 Tour to Ireland.

The tour will cost per person around 1200$, and is planned from the 3rd of may to the 11th of may 2018.

For the first deposit, Before August 1st, please transfer a first payment of 200$ (Half of that amount is non-refundable; if you really cannot go for extraordinary reasons you will still have some of the tour gear matching that amount). Anybody that has issue for the first payment, please let Phil Paquette know about it, so that we find a solution.

To make the payment you have 3 solutions available

  • Through interact E Transfer

You can send the money to the tour email

  • Account to Account transfer (Let us know before doing the transfer)

Ask Phil Paquette for the information at

  • Check or Cash

You can give it to Phil Paquette at every practice, or email it to

MIRFC Tour 2018

1-1570 rue Beaudry

Montreal QC H2L 3E7

If you have any questions, you can email:

Thanks you to all that already mentioned their interest

MIRFC 60th Anniversary Tour Commitee