Dave’s semi-factual match recaps of July 5, 2014

Dave’s semi-factual match recaps of July 5, 2014

MIRFC Women’s Prems vs. Quebec City.

On a bright, sunny afternoon, our team played host to Quebec City. Quebec has been at or near the top of the premier league for as long as anybody can remember. They’re well represented on the provincial and the national team. Despite this, our girls weren’t going to back down (they never do) and were looking to parlay two good practices into some results on the field. The perfect weather conditions contributed to an open, fast-paced game. I think it’s safe to say that this was the best game of the year to date for the MIRFC, punctuated by our two first tries of the year. The first try was scored by Cristyn “Che” Edwards on a play described as “a sweet try”, “nice, bro” and “not sure, I was at the bottom of the preceding ruck”. I’m picturing Cristyn breaking about five tackles, then a little chip-and-chase followed by a swan dive for the try; until I’m told differently, this is the official story. The second try was no less impressive, with Myriam Désourdy’s hard work paying off with a nice play and another 5 points for the Irish.

Co-coach and player Erin Benzakein, in the traditional post-match interview, remarked: “(…) it was a good game against a strong opposition. As a coach, I find it rewarding when my tutelage rubs off on the girls. For instance, at training this week I was really tough on our scrum-half and made her run extra sprints. She was less than impressed and we had a long conversation after practice. At the end of the day, it’s important for her and I to be on the same page. It’s an important relationship for me as coach, and we’re both working on it.”

Other co-coach Craig McDevitt was unable to attend the game and was sorely missed. One of the girls remarked that “I barely notice when he is there, so I don’t think his absence affected the team in a negative way.” Craig’s brother Neale, an unabashed fan of Craig as a coach, was equally as effusive regarding his brother. He said: “Great result against a very good team, ladies! Well done. On a related note, best result of the year the first time Craig wasn’t on the sidelines. Coincidence? I think not. That guy’s an albatross, believe me, I know.”

Final score: Quebec City 48, MIRFC 10

Next game July 12 at St Julie vs. Scottish.

MIRFC Men’s Prem Reserves vs. Indians

The MIRFC reserve team had a very different look on this day. With various injuries and unavailabilities, a young squad took the field to play the Ottawa Indians. Big congrats and thanks go out to the various boys that played out of position; you all performed very well. I’d also mention that Chuck was named captain of the team in Tim`s absence. A very big compliment to a young and talented player. The first half of this game was tough of the MIRFC as the Indians had the lion`s share of the possession and consequently scored the lion’s share of the points. Unfazed, the boys played a better second half. As the tackling improved, so did the scoreline. Gordy had a big game; he probably has the highest work rate on the club. Props to JL for playing 10 and to Fredo who played his second game at 9 this year! Try scorers for the MIRFC were Gord Stanway (on a nice intercept) and an unknown person in the 2nd half.

Approximate Final score: Ottawa Indians 25, MIRFC 10

MIRFC Men’s Prems vs. Indians

The Prems took on a strong Indians side with first place on the line. The Indians, playing in front of their home crowd at Twin Elms, came out strong.  The MIRFC pushed back and played some good rugby, but error and defensive lapses kept rearing their ugly heads. Alex had a strong game in the front row as did PL in the back in the back row. Rob Law, claiming he was not a kicker, went a solid two for two on kick and converts. The other two kicks were taken by Dave Crandall (who, so I hear, has been taking credit for last week’s match recaps…we’re not the same Dave!) and he missed them both, unsurprisingly. He was also lethargic in his tackling, as usual. Try scorers were Rob Law, Josh and Dan.

Final score: Ottawa Indians 29, MIRFC 20

Next week two tough games against the Wanderes and a tough game against the Locks… and then rookie night!.


Next Weeks Schedule July 12th


Women II VS OTT Scottish II

Women I VS OTT Scottich I

Men III VS Saint Lambert

Men II VS Wanderers II

Men I VS Wanderers I

Games start at 10am and end around 5PM.

Followed by ROOKIE NIGHT,

Theme being Cops and Robbers,  Rookies are required to attend and dress as Robbers.