Dan Pelltier and his experience with the Voyageurs U18


Awkward Hugs

Montreal Irish player Dan Pelletier gets tackled by Ontario Blues player

Our very own Dan Pelletier has recently come back from his first tournament with the Quebec U18 Voyageurs for a Canadian championship out in Vancouver headed by ex Montreal Irish player coach Andy Plimer.  The Voyageurs completed the tournament with a 4th place finish.  Below are a few words from Dan and his experience on the West Coast.

“It was a great tournament, the atmosphere and the competition was intense and I don’t think the Voyageurs could’ve picked a better team to go to Calgary with.  Regardless of the outcome the journey was amazing, though we didn’t get the wins we had wished it did show us that teams like BC and Ontario are not unstoppable monsters like we thought.   We kept saying “they bleed just like us” and I really hope that the U-18 Quebec guys who played for the voyageurs take that mindset to nationals.”


Coverage of the Voyageurs by Rugby Quebec can be found here: