Coaches’ Corner – July 2012

Men’s Coach – Ian Baillie



The senior men have had a tough start to the 2012 campaign. While the second and third grade have continued their performance level of the past two years, the first grade has had difficulty finding its stride. Training attendance has not been what it has to be to remain in the top half of the table, and this coupled with some key injuries and unavailabiliites has the first grade sitting in fourth position on 2 wins and 3 losses with current table leaders SAB first up to start the second half of the season. At times during games and at training the club has shown what it is capable of. The forwards have demonstrated the dominating set piece play that has marked the last two years and the backs have shown the speed, skill, and creativity to score from anywhere on the field that has made us champions two years running. Unfortunately these displays have been too few and far between. The greatest concern for the premier grade this year has been a lack of possession. Whether allowing teams to control the pace and tempo of the game with weak tackling or losing the ball to the opposition with poor decisions the Irish have not had the possession they require to build continuity and pressure per game plan. This is being addressed on the training paddock and the boys are looking to improve on the first half performance.

The second and third grade continue to roll. After a weak effort in the first game of the season the seconds have beaten all opposition and look forward to continuing their hard work in the second half. The third grade are once again the class of their division and continue their winning ways going undefeated in the first half. The hard work and commitment to fitness and conditioning continues to pay off for the club with the excellent results thus far. Keep it up boys!

The second half will be a hotly contested couple of months with teams in all divisions competing for position for the cup run. I look forward to the training commitment and intensity that marked this club over the last few years to return to the forefront and once again be the driving force for all three grades.

We can, we have, we will.

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