Break Time

So it’s Spring break, what is there to do?

March 3-5 – Watch the Las Vegas 7’s, not sure if you can watch that on the TV or you have to find a stream

March 5th – If you are part of the Women’s team, practice is on SUNDAY 2:30 – 4:00pm same place

March 7th – Crossfit will not be taking place.

March 9th – Men’s practice is cancelled, do your own thing.  Remember Balmy Beach is in less than 6 weeks.

March 10th – 6 Nations Wales v Ireland @Hurley’s 3:00PM, there’s a door fee, but it is worth being in the presence Wales and Irish fans

March 11th – 6 Nations continues with Italy v France and England v Scotland, for breakfast and lunch @Hurley’s


Registration  deadline is April 1st (Not April 30th).  This is just a friendly reminder to start putting a couple of bucks a side to make it easier to meet the deadline.

Our AGM is March 15th, if you want to know how the club is doing that’s the best way to know.

Happy Break!