Big push needed for John Jones scholarship fund, please see inside for details

Greetings everyone,

It’s now been just a few months since we said a fond and sorrowful farewell to one of Montreal’s great characters in Rugby-John Jones. We immediately set about establishing an appropriate way to remember him and his enormous legacy for Education and Rugby in our province and especially here in Montreal.  Through the good efforts of Jamie Lockwood and his fellow board members at the Rugby Federation of Quebec the John Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund was launched with the aim of providing support for young potential rugby players still in education and hoping to further their ability in the sport so dear to John Jones.

We currently have received 11 donations for a total of $7,569.07 and need to be at $10,000 by the end of the year in order to provide a good investment return and begin awarding bursaries in the coming season.

I am appealing to you to consider making a donation to Johns Memorial fund so that this target can be reached. The fund is under the security of the Canadian Rugby Foundation and scholarships will be awarded by a board comprised of members of the FRQ, the Locks and Montréal Irish Rugby Clubs annually to the most deserving candidates.

Please help us make it to the try line before the final whistle on 2010. It matters not how much-it would only take 70 of us to contribute $30 each and we are there. You are at liberty to contribute as you wish for any amount however large or small.  Please know that it will make a difference and be thoroughly appreciated!

Your contribution can be made directly on the web site attached under this note, or if you prefer you can send it directly to me and I will see that it is paid in with the proper record of your kindness and willingness to help us do something good for Rugby here in Quebec and in the name of an outstanding Academic who never tired helping young people to excel in both Education and in Rugby,.

Thank you for your kind consideration and best wishes to You and Family for a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and rewarding New Year.

My address is 49 Chemin de la Vigne, Westmount, QC. H3Y2C3.

Thank you,

Mike Magee.

Donations to the fund can be made online at simply by clicking the “Donate” rugby ball.  Next simply decide the amount you would like to donate and select “08: John Jones Memorial Scholarship Fund” in the Fund/Designation field.  Donations are eligible for tax receipts.

Footnote: To those eleven individuals who have been so generous thus far-we are very grateful for your contributions.