What’s Happn’ with MIRFC

60th Anniversary Meeting This year is the 60th Anniversary of the Montreal Irish and we will be discussing what events will be held throughout the year. As such the 60th Anniversary committee will have a meeting Saturday Jan 21st at 11:00am At Brasserie Capri @ 2172 Rue St-Patrick, Montréal, H3K 1B1To get first hand …

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1st Post of the year

Welcome back! Hope everyone enjoyed the first CrossFit session of 2017.  Dom was certainly gentle for the first one back 😉 A big thank you to Jimmy Heaslip for providing the clubs 60th anniversary Logo A little bit of news: Touch League This weekend is the start of TOUCH League. …

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Welcome 2017!

Welcome 2017! The MIRFC is celebrating it’s 60th! Continue following us throughout the year as we prepare to celebrate the 6th decade of the MIRFC!     * S&C training starts back again on January 10th! All info here