Indoor Training

TUESDAYS: Strength and Condition @ Griffin Training Ground (Formerly L’Usine CrossFit)

1362 Rue William, Montréal, QC H3C 1R4
***Please note the update address above***

Men/Women: 7:30-9:00

For both indoor venues wear gym clothes and training shoes (no cleats) and a small notebook to journal your progress.

Our off-season Strength & Conditioning will begin Nov 29th at 7:30PM
You must fill out a waiver before you can take part so please arrive early on the first day so we can start on time for 7:30.

Sessions are Every Tuesday starting at 7:30pm
Start Nov 29th till Dec 20th
We will brake 2 weeks for xmas and New years
Start back Jan 10th till April 4th

Cost: the cost this year will be 75$ each. Please have your Money with you on Nov 29th. If this is an issue to have the 75$ on the 29th, please reach out to VP men by email and to make arrangements.

Contact: for any questions or concerns

Thursdays: Rugby Skills training for Men’s team @ Beurling Academy
(Women’s schedule soon)

Beurling Academy
6100 Boulevard Champlain, Verdun, QC H4H 1A5
Bring workout shoes and clothing, this is non contact indoor training.

Men: 6:30 to 8:00pm