MIRFC curling night at the Montreal West Curling Club

On Saturday 15th January the Montreal Irish R.F.C. kicked off the 2011 social calendar in a very Canadian way with a Fun Spiel at Montreal West Curling Club. The event was a great success with 25 of our players, old boys and friends in attendance. Although the weather played havoc with peoples timing, eventually enough people showed up to get on the ice.

After much excited procrastination, and that all important first beer, the teams were formed and it was Messers. Bob McDevitt and John Dennett who showed their Curling prowess early. Experience helps folks!

curling-john ——————————————————–Look at the form!

Two beers down and as the confidence grew, Irene began the trash talk on sheet two but was quickly silenced by the excellent skills of Team GGB (Gwen, Gareth and Butch).

curling-gareth ————————————————————-Nice one Bu Tch

Meanwhile on sheet three, Jep curled out a few impressive stones, under the supervision of Mr. McDevitt ….some sort of career in the making.

Four beers in and Gary McDougall’s team looked to be running away with the match on the far left sheet. Must have hit that sweet spot – they were ready to take on all comers. Ali O was very excited that she got to wear a strap-on (slider).

curling-garry ——————————————————–Classic turn-out spin

curling-johngarryalli —————–The Old Guard with the up & comers!

curling-taylor —————————————————-Pure concentration…poser

curling-clare ——————————————————————Just let go!

At this point, in sauntered our esteemed President and his entourage. Mark quickly took to the ice and his jeans quickly disintegrated either through an all-too-familiar gaseous explosion or an overstretch coming out of the hack!

curling-mark —————————The Pres battles on despite a wardrobe malfunction!

Five beers in and Irene and Leanne abandoned their lone team-mate Jean-Emmanuel for a seat by the fire.

As things were winding down “Chrissie the Merciless” knocked a perfect curl off the centre spot (made just seconds before by yours truly), with a lightning fast, arrow straight shot down the centre of the sheet. It was time for McDo to grab a seat in the bar!

curling-chrissie ———————————————————–“Terror on sheet 1”

Towards the end of the ice time it was a hard-core contingent of Dave Crandall, Gary McDougall, Bu Tch and Rory Cantwell who tied the final match and called it a day.

curling-rory ————————————–Rory was fiddling with his stones all night…

A fantastic night’s entertainment was enjoyed by all who attended and the post match breakdown in the warm bar of the Curling Club was much appreciated.

Many thanks go to everyone who was able to make it out to the event. I hope to see you at the next one…watch this space!

Special thanks to Gary McDougall for helping to organise; Neale McDevitt for his photographer duties; John Dennet for instruction and Bob McDevitt for instruction and gifting his “free” club night to us making the event slightly less expensive for all attendees.

Text written by Gareth; photos by Neale.