2011 St Patrick’s Day Parade Enjoyed by All

What better way for the Montreal Irish Rugby Football club to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than by parading down the street on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


We had a huge turnout for the parade, future all stars (thanks Grace!), rookies and veteran players alike joined in the marching and represented our club in the 187th annual Montreal St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

After the usual 1hour delay the Parade got going and much to our pleasure the streets were filled with members of the public adorned head to toe in green, just waiting to catch a glimpse of the men and women of the Montreal Irish.
Rob “Big Guns” Lowe was at one point seen signing autographs for adoring fans and your very own VP Social was caught kissing a Granny, (it made his day).


Erin Benzakien managed to smile twice and even waved once…well done Erin!

Much to the pleasure of our very own parade “Fun Enforcer” all of the members of the Irish were very well behaved, putting on shows of excellent passing, recruiting and line out jumping. The Fun Enforcer soon got into the swing of things and Ms. Toppum-Hat was even seen with a smile on her face and a rugby ball in hand!! Lets hope someone gave her a flyer with the details of training!

The weather was a huge improvement on last year, and some of the fair-skinned Irish players even managed to get a “tan”!!!

A good time was had by all ending the parade with the traditional 1-2-3 IRISH once we crossed the finish line.


The good times continued long into the wee small hours at club sponsor Hurley’s Irish Pub where dancing, chatting sinf=ging and revelry was the name of the game.
No doubt there were some foggy heads come Monday morning!

A massive THANK YOU goes out to all the members of the club who participated in the parade as well as to the organisers and marshals on the day. Long may it continue!