2011 Rookie Night – potato gun, nudity and some other stuff


This year’s version of rookie night was a little later in the season than usual. For reasons out of our control, this was the first night that would logistically allow for 50+ people to stay out at st-julie and party.

Following the games and a few beers, the rookies were brought into the sheds to get ready for the festivities. Each room was given a crate of beer, some garbage bags and a few accessories and were told not to come out until the former were drank, and the latter were clothing.


The rookies came out in force and did a lap of the field. The lap was followed by the rookies being put into groups and competing for supremacy in a variety of events including relay races, steam roller, etc. It was at this point that Tim, Trev and Jamie – who were busy indiscriminately firing their newly-made potato gun – brought out the yukka and initiated the rookies to the joy of yukka.  The slip and slide was next as well as a few other competitions.

The rookies were then allowed back into the sheds to clean up and get ready for the dance contest. The dance contest was certainly a highlight of the night and much fun was had. The party, as usual, lasted all night.

It is worth noting that this was the most nudity-filled rookie night in a long while. Some memorable performances were put on by some of the younger rookies, and I think it is safe to say that this year’s banquet will not be one to miss.



Big thanks to Gareth for organizing and to everybody else that helped out.


–          Crandall