2 Finals 2 Wins

On behalf of all the men that played today, we want to say a huge THANK YOU.

THANK YOU to the finals committee who did so much work.

THANK YOU to Bob Meunier, our president, who did the lion’s share of the work. I can’t express strongly enough my gratitude and admiration towards Bob.

THANK YOU to Ariane, Larissa, Roger R., Cathy and everybody else who helped with the bar.

THANK YOU to everybody who volunteered; and to Marie for coordinating it all. You rock.

THANK YOU to the fans that came out and cheers, and heckled, and drank, and pushed us to two victories. We heard you from the sidelines, and we appreciate it.

THANK YOU to our coaches for being the best damn coaches around. Results speak for themselves. Ian and Huw, we owe you.

THANK YOU to all our Alumni and Old Boys for showing up today, and for building this club we hold so dear.

THANK YOU to all our members who help out, who wash jerseys, who keep the gear (Gordy!), who play their hearts out.

And last but not least, THANK YOU to Hurley’s for not throwing me out tonight. See you there.

I love this club!


Dave Crandall


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