1st Post of the year

Welcome back!
Hope everyone enjoyed the first CrossFit session of 2017.  Dom was certainly gentle for the first one back 😉
A big thank you to Jimmy Heaslip for providing the clubs 60th anniversary Logo

A little bit of news:

Touch League
This weekend is the start of TOUCH League.  Purple Please and Irish Green, headed by Chris Smith and Etienne Labrie will meet at the Stingers dome this Saturday to take on various other teams.  The teams are co-ed.  Didn’t register in time? Contact Chris Smith Vpmen@montrealirish.com. More info here

The LPR (Ligue Provincial de Rugby will be having there annual AGM this weekend.  Our representatives will be taking time to review and discuss what the LPR has and will plan for the upcoming and futures seasons of the league.  As one of the biggest clubs, our voices are important, it is also important that our members help support the MIRFC Executives and organization committees.

Lumberjack event – Cabane Panache et Bois Rond
Our club has been offered the opportunity to give back to the community by participating in an event organized by Promenade Wellington in Verdun called Cabane Panach et Bois Rond Saturday and Sunday the weekend of March 24th.  We are ideally looking for 2 dozen volunteers to take part.  All they would need to do is, in teams of 4, walk up and down wellington street dressed as Lumberjacks while carrying a fake log.  If we get all the volunteers necessary it should only take about 2 hours of your weekend.   You would need to provide your own lumberjack costume though, but the club will be giving all volunteers an Irish toque.

This would be a great way to let our presence be known in the area and a great way to get to know your fellow players.  If interested contact William at marketing@montrealirish.com